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Overview of what we do

Bridge Builders STL is focused on intercultural learning, place-based learning, and working with Indigenous communities around the world. What this looks like is mainly our exchange programs. Please see our St. Louis-Dupree Exchange Program below. However, we also do smaller community projects and research that is also mentioned below! 

Learning Objectives of the Exchange Program

At the competition of this program, participants will:

1. Explain how their cultural identity and place relates to other cultures.

2. Construct a notion of community, integrating mutual empathy and care.

3. Express a notion of ethnocentrism and illustrate how it affects communities.

4. Practice responsible leadership skills as a result of the experience of the exchange program.

5. Formulate an expanded, non-paradigmatic view on community and place, seeing them

as rich in history, traditions, and culture.


6. Demonstrate good stewardship within communities by avoiding paternalistic practices.

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Place-Based Learning Research

Bridge Builders STL is committed to offering the best possible experience for their team members. We have recently been partnering with Webster University to research how Place-Based Learning affects students in a positive way. 

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Please Donate to Help Our Research
St. Louis-Dupree Exchange Program

The St. Louis-Dupree exchange program inspired the foundation of Bridge Builders STL. Our goal as an organization is to continue to create exchange programs that connect young people from different backgrounds and beliefs to build healthy communities. We use cultural immersion, leadership workshops, and intercultural place-based learning to provide a creative space for our leaders of tomorrow. Please see the video below to see first hand the impact our programs have. 

Two of our former Exchange Program members discuss their experience on the St. Louis-Dupree Exchange Program


Leader of the 2019 Dr. Kate Parsons discussing her experience with the St. Louis-Dupree Exchange Program

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Build of the program: 2-week program. The first week is spent in Dupree, SD with our partner the Sioux YMCA and the second week the whole team from St. Louis and Dupree travels to stay at Webster University in St. Louis, MO


Showcasing Team Member's Projects

After our exchange programs, BBSTL encourages team members to continue their reflection on their experience by creating a project of their choosing. This project is supposed to be representative of their creative passions and tie into what they learned or experienced in the exchange program. 

Below are pictures from our most recent event, where we gave a place for our team members to speak and to showcase their projects. Please also see below for projects from the 2019 St. Louis-Dupree Exchange Program.  Click the button below to see some of the Team member projects.

The Run for Dupree

Our second annual Run for Dupree took place on April 27th, 2019 at Affton High School. We had an opportunity again to see a community come together for one cause. We raised over 8,000 dollars for our St. Louis-Dupree exchange program happening June of 2019. Not only did we complete a 5K Run and a Family 1 Mile Walk/Run, but we also had raffle baskets, and our local artists selling their art at the event. We would like to again thank all of our sponsors, runners, volunteers, and other community members that came out to support!

2nd annual Run for Dupree

1st annual Run for Dupree